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Products & Solutions

MSC through a tied business relation with partners provides a wide range of high sophisticated IT solutions and Services already tested and implemented in different business and industry sectors.

Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS)
AVLS is an Automatic Vehicle Locator system based on ESRI technology. The Vehicle location is automatically tracked and displayed in one or more operation rooms. The system is also extended to provide various other services like sending and receiving messages, provides the shortest route, integrates with any back end system to query on vehicles or persons...
Automatic Fuel Management Solution
AFMS is a state-of-the-art fuel management. It is intended for fueling automation in petrol stations in both commercial and retail fuelling applications. It is feature rich, safe and easy to operate using highly reliable, well designed hardware and software components. The system is surprisingly straightforward to install, configure, customize and maintain, and as it is intended for use in harsh environments, has achieved a high degree of reliability and durability which makes it suitable for military applications.
Integrated Contact System (ICS)
ICS from Interactive Intelligence fulfils all business communication including Short Message Service, Interactive Voice Response System, Fax-On Demand Services for Callers, Automated DialOut Capabilities for Reminder & Message Broadcast Services. All these services is covered in a one server solution with one application development environment.
Integrated Management System (HEAT)
HEAT from Frontrange Built on more than a decade of service management experience, award-winning HEAT integrates core service and support components into one complete solution to reduce costs and drive higher customer satisfaction. Now expand the power of HEAT and support industry best practices by easily combining HEAT products or integrating your system with any of the IT Service Management modules.
Healthcare Orthodontic Software (Ortho-1)
Ortho-1 is a healthcare orthodontic oriented work automation to help dentists accomplish the design and measurements. The system is one of few systems in that capacity and sophistication in Canada and world, developed using C++ and VB6 for front-end supporting the Arabic and English languages and use SQL Server RDBMS.
Process Automator (PA-One) PA-One is a web-based application builds on windows platform, SQL Server 2000, .net framework. It is a sophisticated tool customized according the international standards to help institutions define its business processes, automate, delegate, follow up and analyze the performance.
SPS Mailing System
It is an outsourcing service provided to Sofreposte- Group La Post (France), MSC mission included customization and arabizing all the French Post Automated system in a challenging time of less than six months, to be adapted to Kuwaiti Post system requirements and regulations. The system consist of an Oracle national database connected to fifteen local database in all post offices to serve the application fife modules developed using Power Builder 8.6.